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Carry On My Wayward Son || Jared

How did he end up here, looking at old photos and back on memory lane? Jared wasn’t the type for mushy nostaglic moments and he would be damned if he ever admitted to it.  Yet here he was, sitting at his desk, smiling back at the pictures that waved at him. He told himself that he would throw out this album one day but never could bring himself to doing it. These were pictures of his childhood and slow descent into adulthood. While he thought it was cute to see the younger version of himself, it wasn’t why he opened up the album. To be honest, there were some parts of growing up that he wanted to forget. The awkwardness, the shyness. It was hard to believe that he used to be an awkward first year Hufflepuff considering the man he was today. That all changed once he hit his third or fourth year. But that wasn’t what made him linger.

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Alright. That sounds like a plan. Where will we meet up? Fine. I have been called Loren the Borin’ which is just plain incorrect English. I’ve been called several others. Piggybottom was one of their favorites also. If they were feeling particularly creative they mixed them and called me Loren the Borin Piggybottom.

Anyone should be good at their job but you do well. You.. I… I might not mind the biting as much. But we’re going to pretend I didn’t say that.

Hm, how about at Hog’s Head? Not much for atmosphere but the drinks are good. Careful though Lorelei, I’ve been known to drink men under the table. …Okay granted, the Loren the Borin’ is lacking creativity. But Piggybottom? Pfft, that’s cute. 

Heh, you flatter me. It is my passion so… Oho, really now? Just gonna let you know, that could be arranged quite easily.  


We have not. I think a drinking adventure sounds like a good plan. When and where? I don’t know that I should tell you. You might like one of them better than Lorelei.

You’re typically professional with all the creatures, aren’t you? Somehow, I still get nervous when you say to trust you.

How about tomorrow after classes? Sounds like a plan? Oh come on. You can’t just say that and expect me not to want to know it even more. Spill it Lorelei~

You could say that I am, yes. Hey if you’re going to be the Care of Magical Creatures professor, you should be good at your job. Aww, that hurts my feelings. I don’t bite Lorelei. …much that is.

ooc: Hello, we interrupt your dash for this unimportant but equally awesome bit of news

Okay maybe not news. I just wanted to share this and secretly add to my headcanon of things that Jared is good at. Guitar playing and singing